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Douzeniers and Constables

The Douzaine are 12 elected officials who represent interests of parishioners in the routine administration of our Parish. There are 12 Douzeniers and they are each elected for 4 years, thus each year Douzenier positions become available.


The current Douzeniers are  Kevin Bales, Jeff Brache (Vice Dean), De Vic Carey, Tim Clipstone, Paul Connolly, Victor de Garis (Dean), Karen Fooks, Simon Gibbs, John Gillson, Bob Murray, Janette Riley and Susan Watson. 


The Constables are Paul Connolly (07911 112915) and John Gillson (07781 406224).


If you wish to make a complaint against any parish official please complete the form below and return it to the Constables. If you complaint is against a Constable please return the form to the Dean of the Douzaine. 

Complaints Form 

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