Constables Office

St Saviour's Community Centre, Le Neuf Chemin, St Saviour GY7 9FG (telephone 263414).  Email address [email protected] Constables Office Opening Hours Tuesdays 14:30 - 18:30 Thursdays 09:00 - 11:00
Household Waste
Collection of household waste will be on Thursdays for collection overnight and into the early hours of Friday morning. If there are to be any changes to collection days a notice will be published on this website and in the Guernsey Press. Household waste should not be placed at the collection point more than 3 hours before sunset (as published in the Guernsey Press) on the specified collection day. Householders who place household waste for collection, other than on the day and between the hours specified, could be liable to a £60 fine.

Each week refuse will be collected  as per the refuse calendar (please see link below 'Collections Calendar 2023').

Weeks highlighted in blue will see 'blue bag', food and glass (bag) waste collected. Weeks highlighted in white will see 'white (clear) bag', food, and residual (black bag) waste collected Collections calendar 2023 Parochial Cemetery The rules concerning the parochial cemetery can be accessed below; - Cemetery Rules 2020 The Secretary of the Cemetery Committee can be contacted at  [email protected] Parish Elections Annual parish elections are usually held on the first Wednesday in November each year. Details will be published in the Guernsey Press and on this website in October. Douzaine and Constables The Douzaine are 12 elected officials who represent interests of parishioners in the routine administration of our Parish. There are 12 Douzeniers and they are each elected for 4 years, thus each year Douzenier positions become available. The current Douzeniers are  Jeff Brache (Vice Dean), Paul Connolly, Victor de Garis (Dean), Karen Fooks, Simon Gibbs, John Gillson, Patricia Kennedy, Bob Murray, John Norman,  Sophie Roughsedge and Susan Watson. There is one unfilled position for Douzenier. The Constables are Paul Connolly (07911 112915) and John Gillson (07781 406224). Building Work. Property owners need to obtain a Bornement from the parish Constables to erect a ‘building’, or re-erect one, on old foundations within 1.5 metres from any public road or way. The expression ‘building’ includes any well, cistern, cesspit, cellar or other excavation below surface level (whether containing a structure or not) and also any wall, hedge, fence or other surface structure serving as a boundary or otherwise. This will also include applications to demolish a section of the roadside wall, making good the wall ends and creating car parking areas. If your work is within 1.5 metres from a public road or way the necessary bornement can be obtained from the Constables at a cost of £25. Please write to the Constables detailing the work to be carried out and if the work has received planning permission please include a copy the approval from the Planning Services Department. Privacy Policy (Data Protection). The St Saviour's Douzaine privacy policy can be accessed from the link below. St Saviours Privacy Notice December 2022 Dog Tax. All owners of dogs within the parish must licence each dog annually. The licence fee is £10 per annum and is due on 1st January each year. In order to issue a licence the Constables need to know the name, address and telephone number of the owner together with the name and breed of each dog. If paying by post please supply a stamped and addressed envelope. Roadside Hedges. Parishioners are reminded that the Cutting of Hedges Ordinance of 1953 requires that; - 'every owner of land (bordering a public road) shall between 1st June and 15th June and between 15th and 30th September in each year, cut away any such parts of all hedges as overhang such public road; - (a) up to a height of 12 feet from the surface where that road is ordinarily used by vehicular traffic, and (b) up to a height of 8 feet from the surface where that road is not ordinarily used by vehicular traffic and shall immediately thereafter remove from such public road all material cut from such hedges'. Complaints. If you wish to make a complaint against any parish official please complete the form available on the link below and return it to the Constables. If you complaint is against a Constable please return the form to the Dean of the Douzaine. Complaints Form The 2022 Owners rate was £.4261 per unit, - the refuse habitable unit charge is £107.88 per unit Constables' Accounts 2021 Constables' Accounts Douzaine Rules of Procedure The Douzaine regularly updates the 'rules of procedure' and these can be accessed from the link below. Rules of Procedure

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