Floral St Saviour Walk

Duration, degree of difficulty, suitability and parking

Approximately 1 hour, unsuitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs, ideal for families with young children, some uphill parts and it can be muddy in wet weather. Parking at St Saviour's Community Centre (Mont Varouf). Walks map reproduced with kind permission of The States of Guernsey and Digimap.

Route notes

Starting at the St Saviour's Community Centre (P4 on the map) walk along the road to St Saviour's Church, very carefully crossing the road by the Rectory on your left into the Church Yard. The inside of the Church is worth a look, a board on the South wall near the rear traces lists the Rectors (and changing faiths!) back to the 1300's. Proceed around teh Church on the gravelled path, taking the right hand fork. The lamp post at the head of the pathway leading down was refurbished by the Constables in 2011. Immediately at the top of the granite cobbled pathway leading down is the Fief Stone marking La Place du Cour du Fief de Jean du Gaillard dating back to 1415. At the bottom of the pathway take care when crossing the road then enter the field through the brown gates. This field, Courtil Sous L'Eglise, is Glebe Land (owned by the Church) and managed by the Floral St Saviour Committee. Immediately inside the gate on the left is a living Willow bird hide planted in March 2011. Follow the mown pathway across the bridge in a clockwise direction. Native trees and shrubs were planted in March 2011 with the aim of attracting birds into the field by providing cover. Moving on there are two piles of broken branches which are there to provide refuge for over-wintering insects. A second bridge, installed in May 2011, crosses back over the douit. Immediately in front of you is a high granite wall bordering the roadway above, it is hoped a second entrance to the field will be created here in 2012 or 2013, dependent upon relevant planning permission and funding. Continuing on the path there is a picnic area on the left, please take home any litter you bring or find! Each side of the meadow is mown once per year, south of the douit in late September and north in early Spring, to ensure insects have long grass in which to over-winter and also so that wild flowers have a chance to seed. Leaving the meadow turn left up the road and then turn left into the Green lane immediately after the property 'Deep Meadow' (the Green Lane continues opposite into the Church Yard). Follow the Green Lane downhill , crossing over the lane below Sous L'Eglise, and walk through to the Rue du Moulin entrance to the Reservoir. Those wanting a longer walk could now join the Millenium Walk around the Reservoir. To continue the Floral St Saviour Walk turn right up the lane, this brings you out at Le Neuf Chemin, cross carefully and turn down hill to St Saviour's Community Centre. Visit the Sensory Garden in the large field at the back of the Community Centre, it was renovated in 2011.

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